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Cook Medical doppler device already in use
Cook Medical recently announced the launch of their Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor, a medical device which is at the forefront of the transplant and reconstructive surgery.
The monitors are made at Cook Vascular in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.
“Cook’s Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor has the ability to detect changes in blood flow immediately following transplant and reconstructive surgeries so a surgeon can intervene before free flap failure,” said Andy Cron, vice president of Cook Medical’s Surgery business unit. “We are proud to offer surgeons this latest enhancement to the Doppler system, and look forward to working with some of the world’s leading medical institutions to help improve overall patient care.”
As of now, several University hospitals are using the monitor and have been successful in detecting any change in blood flow post operatively.
The Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in March 2011.

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